Summer Update 2015 – Taizé Travel and Lunesdale Community


Summer in Finland!

Summer has finally arrived at our Finnish retreat, and with some exciting opportunities ahead, we felt it was time for an update!

Taizé Travel for Holy Week and Easter 2016

Online booking is now open for our dedicated coach travel from the London to Taizé for Holy Week and Easter 2016. It is anticipated that the costs of return travel will be approximately £180, but this will be confirmed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it’s already possible to reserve your place.

If you’re planning to bring a group, please get in touch. We many be able to arrange a pick-up from elsewhere in the case of a larger group, and it’s good to know in advance for the allocation of places.

The Lunesdale Community

Metapilgrim’s founders, Andrew and Anna Walker, are delighted to introduce the new ecumenical lay community which they will be moving to live in at the end of this month. Based in the village of Halton, just outside Lancaster, the Lunesdale Community aims to be a diverse, international community of families, individuals and couples, sharing life together through prayer, meals, work and study. We expect the building to be available for us by the end of August.

Drawing inspiration from Taizé’s ‘Small Provisional Communities‘, and in the spirit of Finnish talkoot, we would like to open an invitation to join us for a few weeks in September to make this community life a reality. During this time, together we will transform an empty building into a welcoming space, and establish the pattern of prayer and common life right from the start.

You would need to arrange and fund your own travel to and from Lancaster, but we’ll provide basic board and shared meals free of charge in recognition of your efforts. This would also be an ideal first step for anyone who wants to investigate the possibility of spending a longer time living in a community of this kind.

If you are interested, please register your interest with the community directly.

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