Lancaster Pilgrims arrive in Taizé

Taizé - welcomeOur Lancaster Pilgrims arrived in Taizé this morning in time for breakfast and Sunday Eucharist, following a 20-hour journey by train, coach and ferry. We are told that the site was pelted by rather large hailstones last night, but today the sun is surprisingly warm when it shines between the clouds.

Sunday is a slow day in Taizé, as new arrivals are only formally ‘welcomed’ and given their accommodation mid-afternoon. Young people are making their own spontaneous entertainment, with the sounds of singing in various languages. Old friends are meeting as coaches arrive from all over Europe, while other groups prepare to depart. Surprise reunions between departing and arriving pilgrims allow the opportunity to catch up on the past year or ten with a distant friend.

Tomorrow morning the programme will start properly, but already by evening prayer we will begin to feel we have properly arrived and started to enter into the pattern. We will then have our meal tickets, a place to lay our packs and sleeping bags, and we’ll know what practical task we will help with during the week Some may have a meeting later this evening to be briefed on that.

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